Ekaki Uta: Japanese Drawing Songs

At ImageThink, we are always looking for new drawing inspiration and excited to learn about novel tools for illustration. Which is why we were tickled when learned about ekaki uta – Japanese drawing songs.

Ekaki uta are children’s songs that serve as mnemonic devices to help them remember the steps involved in drawing their favorite cartoon characters or animals. The songs incorporate the drawing inspiration and drawing directions into the lyrics, for example: “first you draw two circles, then you dot the eyes, then draw a triangle for the smile,” and so on.

To draw the popular Japanese cartoon character, Doraemon, visit the adorable YouTube video below to listen and watch an Ekaki Uta in action and listen to the Japanese drawing song’s instructions for wonderful drawing inspiration:

Illustration School: Lets Draw Happy People

The wonderful illustrator, Sachiko Umoto, includes her own drawing songs in her wonderful books, including Illustration School: Let’s Draw Happy PeopleIf you’re looking for an approachable way to teach or learn how to draw simple characters, Umoto’s books and Ekaki uta are a goldmine.

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