Day 39 in San Francisco: We Love It!

July marks us officially entering into the second month of our west coast expansion. At ImageThink, we provide visual understanding to big ideas and illustrate them in real time. Opening our new office on the west coast has provided even more opportunities for us to connect with clients, peers and fellow creatives.
We are proud to say that so far, we settled into the heart of San Francisco with ease and excitement; we found the city full of happy surprises.
While being just as much of a cultural center as New York City, all of the art in San Francisco is very much integrated; street art, fine art, illustration, and design are all mixed in an open, colorful way.
SF MAP James Lake
Colorful map of San Francisco by James Lake
 From the events we worked at and the workplaces we have visited, we are getting used to seeing the wonderful trend of the tech industry adapting art and creativity in their spaces. For example, the Google office is all about integrating intuitive, creative designs into their work spaces.
While exploring the city for artistic inspiration, we found quite a few of our favorite spots. The Palace of Fine Arts itself is a work of art; Comix Experience, San Francisco’s oldest and most diverse store selling comic books and graphic novels, has a lot of original art up in they space as well.
comix experience san francisco
Image Courtesy: Comix Experience
For creative inspiration, we recommend visiting the Mission District; it is the home to beautiful, huge street art alleys; we also enjoy the view from Dolores Park,Hayes Valley for the many colorful, exquisitely detailed buildings.
For a creative person who is new in San Francisco, walking is one the quickest way to join in on the city’s rhythm. In most parts of the city, there isn’t a single block we can walk by without stopping and remarking about something beautiful.
 flower SF downtown
Culturally, San Francisco is diverse, friendly and open; just like New York and even more so, people are very receptive to new perspectives.
One tip we can give to someone who is looking to add more creativity in the work in the city of San Francisco:
Take a cue from the city: be bold, be colorful, and be visible.

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