99% Conference – From ImageThink’s Private Sketchpad

ImageThink Notes: Jad Abumrad at The 99% Conference
Jad Abumrad from RadioLab in NYC at the 99% Conference

As New Yorkers, and graphic recorders who attend hundreds of meetings and conferences a year, we are often asked what are the best conferences. By far, our favorite New York gathering is Behance’s 99% Conference. While we are privileged to attend many technology and innovation summits, like SXSWTechCrunch, and MLove, that focus on creativity and innovation- the curators of 99% assume that the audience is already full of creative innovators and they focus on how to actually execute on making these ideas happen.

We love this concept so much, that, for the first time we are attending a conference as a participant, just for ourselves. Being a professional visualizer, Heather couldn’t resist pulling out a sketchbook and making her own sketch notes for yesterday’s agenda. Take a peek!

If your device isn’t feeling like playing the flash slide show, click HERE for our flickr set.

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