Why a Little Friendly Internal Competition Leads to Innovation

How to promote innovation at your company, by ImageThink graphic recording

Are you struggling to bring innovative conference ideas to your industry? ImageThink supports Fortune 50 companies’ strategy sessions every year, and we’ve found a key theme among them is: a need for innovation.

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Where Does Innovation Ideas Come From?

Great work takes innovative ideas, and organizations cannot passively wait for the muse to visit them. Our innovation workshop ideas comes from ImageThinking and a proactive use of the two C’s: Collaboration and Creativity.

Collaboration, because a radically fresh perspective will lead to new ideas. All the creative industries use this technique; from jazz musicians to the original Looney Tunes animators.

Creativity, because your same old tactics are holding you back. Our book Draw Your Big Idea gets you visual thinking through simple drawing exercises.

How to host an innovation workshop at your company, by ImageThink graphic recording

You Have Committed To The Two C’s… Now What?

Take a page out of our book: stage an internal competition. We actively strive for an innovative environment by never becoming complacent (that’s a bad C). Whether it’s an opportunity to give our clients even more value, or it’s a chance to make our own processes work more efficiently; these competitions are where our innovation happens. Here are our 5 steps to make your own competition a success:

Step 1: The Issue

It’s best to identify one specific area of focus and make it clear at the start. If your topic is too broad, the results will only be complexity and inefficiency. Align around a common need that requires new levels of thinking and examination.

Step 2: The Reward

Motivation is an important part of this process. Think of this reward as an investment in your company, the returns could end up being incredibly valuable. Most organizations are swamped with their day-to-day tasks to begin with, offering a reward shows your team that you acknowledge their hard work, and makes it easier for them to take on this challenge.

Step 3: The Teams

This speaks to the collaboration part of achieving innovation. Have the teams change the next time you hold one of these contests. You’re achieving team building simultaneously during this process!

Step 4: The Deadline

What is the date and time that all the teams will present their creative workshop ideas? Align around how much time each team will have, don’t forget to build time in for the judge(s) to ask questions.

Step 5: The Judging Criteria

How will your contest be judged? Make it clear what are the deciding factors so that teams can make sure they hit all the notes in their presentation.

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Following these 5 steps and sticking to the two C’s, you will be able to create an atmosphere of constant innovation at your company. ImageThinking doesn’t stop there; share your experience and show the world you are an innovative company. Tweet us @ImageThink #ImageThinking and let us know about your innovation journey, and how your internal competition went!

Having trouble with the two C’s? This can be a common issue many companies deal with that could defeat them before they even start.

Did you know ImageThink facilitates creative training workshops to get your team collaborating, being more creative and productive? Contact us today for more information.

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