Draw Your Big Idea at Book Passage

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Brainwave regulators, in-house authors, and spy gear for your fridge: what do they all have in common?

They’re all big ideas of some intrigued and engaged San Franciscans!

On July 9th, our senior graphic recorder James Lake graphic recorded a social listening mural to promote our new book Draw Your Big Idea at Book Passage at the San Francisco Ferry Building. Social Listening is an interactive Q+A where we ask a question, attendees respond to it, and we draw it up all in real time. These illustrations are tweeted out to further boost their presence and memorialize them forever for attendees.


The responses ranged from silly to serious coming from everybody: locals and tourists alike, all providing their own unique perspectives.

Check out some of the great answers we drew up.

Responses ranged from pet care to new technologies to kids getting to drive!
Responses ranged from pet care to new technologies to kids getting to drive!

The passion and engagement levels were astounding as people would walk by, see the graphic recording in action, and jump in to participate. James frequents the Ferry Building every week and was truly delighted to have the opportunity to graphic record in such a grand setting.


Working with our publisher Chronicle Books and the amazing staff at Book Passage, we ended up with a beautiful mural of ideas & innovation. The board is up behind the counter at the store, and be sure to stop by and pick up a copy of Draw Your Big Idea.


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