ImageThink Graphic Recording Tools: Acrylic Markers


Most of our graphic recording work is done with water based ink markers, but some jobs call for something a bit more heavy duty. These Montana acrylic markers work wonders on dry walls and other surfaces, and have the same chisel tip that our regular markers do.


We used these markers at the recently concluded Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Orlando, Florida. We drew on a free-standing wall that was custom-built in the Social Hub of the convention during the kick-off of the week-long convention. The drawing process went smoothly after a few trials.

A few things we noticed that worked well:

– Leave yourself ample time to get the ink flowing.

– Have a test board or paper.

– Have a rag for drips.

– Be patient, they dry slower than regular markers.

– Always shake with the cap on. When pressing to get the ink to flow, do not over press or you’ll have paint going everywhere!


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