Amex’s Top Business Traveler Trends from 2016: Illustrated

Two conference attendees look at imagethink infographic at amex lounge during global business travel association convention in Denver, CO, 2016.
GBTA’s attendees gather at Amex’s trade show booth to view ImageThink’s wall-sized infographic.

The Global Business Travel Association

is the “world’s premiere business travel and meetings organization,” with over 7,000 members spread across six continents.  Last month, during the GBTA’s convention in Denver, CO, Amex revealed the findings of its Global Business Traveler Sentiment Index, which measured the latest business traveller trends for the business traveller community.

Travel is a constant for us at ImageThink, where we support clients around the globe.  So we were excited to go to Denver to support Amex’s booth with a large scale infographic based on their report’s findings.  Not only did it draw conference attendees into the Amex booth, it sparked valuable conversation as well; and from what we heard, the Global Business Traveler Sentiment Index provided some invaluable business travel tips for the corporate traveller.

Here is what it said about today’s business traveller community:ImageThink visualized Amex's traveler sentiment index at the 2016 GBTA convention, in a large scale infographic mural that sparked engagement among trade show attendees.

Flexible Guidelines

ImageThink captured business traveler trends at Amex's 2016 GBTA trade show booth, including the need for flexible guidelines.

Business travelers want some flexibility from their companies to make decisions at their own discretion.

Support From HQ
ImageThink captured global business traveler trends at Amex's booth at the 2016 GBTA trade show, and illustrated attendee's need for support and care from their workplace.

When you’re on the road or in the air so often, knowing that your have the support of your coworkers and project managers at the office is a big deal. It can make all the difference between a corporate traveler feeling like part of the team or all on their own.

Balancing Safety and Efficiency

Amex's 2016 global business traveler sentiment index, revealed at the gbta trade show, illustrated the importance of balancing safety and efficiency in travel.

There has been a lot of talk about TSA and airline safety even within this past year.  Striking that balance between getting through the line quickly and feeling safe is tricky.  Things like TSA PreCheck, which speed you through an otherwise hour long airport security line can change a business traveler’s life.

Streamlined Expense Tracking

ImageThink illustrated a large scale infographic at Amex's trade show booth for the 2016 GBTA convention, including the importance of streamlining expense tracking for business travelers.

Nothing is worse than having to take a long cab ride after a long airplane business trip–except for losing the receipt and being stuck with the bill. Using company cards and being able to rely on mobile device expense tracking apps and services that auto-email receipts like Uber help ensure that you never lose track of your spending.

Mobile is King

ImageThink transferred a graphic recording into a wall sized infographic at Amex's 2016 GBTA trade show booth. Attendees and business travelers agreed that mobile is more crucial to travel than ever before.

Mobile technology is crucial when half of your work week is spent in transit. From hailing a car to pulling up a plane ticket, mobile devices are a business traveler’s life line. Conferences are increasingly creating conference agenda and info apps as well, integrating mobile device technology directly into their event and making it easier than ever for business travelers to get the information they need.

End To End Connectivity is Key

ImageThink created a large scale infographic for amex's 2016 GBTA trade show booth, which ignited engagement for conference attendees, including the importance of end to end connectivity for business travelers.

Staying connected–both to the office and to family and friends–is necessary both for productivity and for a business traveller’s mental well-being. Looking for hotels with free wifi and getting a company account for inflight wifi ensures that your employees never feel alone thanks to their mobile devices, even when they’re flying to new territory on a solo job.

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