ImageThink: A Bicoastal Graphic Recording Company

ImageThink graphic recording company office opens up in San Francisco. Photo of the back of Senior Graphic Recorder James Lake lifting up & cartoon marker & writing the ImageThink logo over the skyline of san francisco. He's on a tall hill in a park, the city & water in the distance.
ImageThink, San Francisco

As of June 1st, ImageThink is now officially a bicoastal company.

We successfully launched our San Francisco office, and have already been welcomed by our clients. We are about to get very busy this summer providing even more streamlined and timely service in prime locations such as San Francisco, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sausalito, Seattle, San Diego, and anywhere on the West Coast. We also still have our core team stationed in New York City; this will allow us to help you support bi-coastal events perfectly.

Our Senior Graphic Recorder James Lake started out in our New York Office & made many cross country trips to support our client’s west coast events. He’s now happily head of our west coast office, right in the heart of San Francisco. You’d think a lifelong New Yorker on the west coast would be a culture shock, but he has easily taken to the lifestyle & enjoys becoming part of the community.

ImageThink graphic recorder James Lake took this photograph of a street in san francisco's Russian Hill area. It shows very fancy business signs for Caffe Sport & Amante.
Creative signs are everywhere!

San Francisco is a colorful city that will serve as a continuous source of inspiration. Just like our Brooklyn team, we are sourcing creativity from this very vibrant, diverse west coast metropolis.

ImageThink graphic recorder James Lake took this photograph of San Francisco houses with very colorful exteriors. This shows 3 buildings.

The color combinations are truly remarkable. This inspiration may even be seen in our graphic recording, sketchnote & infographic work. Due to the generally moderate temperature year round, the buildings stay in such good condition & the colors keep their vibrance. A really good collection of photographs is on UpOut.

ImageThink graphic recording san francisco map infographic. This illustration shows a map of san francisco with all the different neighborhoods outlined. It has a drawing of a man in a bow tie, suit & hat that is ImageThink senior graphic recorder James Lake looking out over the map. The recommendations are 1) Top of the Mark, 2) Ferry Building Farmer's Market, 3) Fort Mason, 4) Marina, 5) Alamo Square Park, 6) Haight Ashbury, 7) Castro, 8) Mission District, 9) Delores Park, 10) Bernal Heights Park, 11) Thrillhouse Records.

Being local to SF, James is constantly asked for recommendations on fun things to do in the city so he created the above infographic.

For the best view of the city, climb to the top of Bernal Heights Park, make sure to bring your dog as well! Many of the city’s parks (in green) have great views & offer a fun place to hang out in the afternoon.

The Ferry Building farmer’s market is one of the largest in the country, that also was the site of one of our Draw Your Big Idea social listening events. Huge graffiti murals are throughout the city, most notable is Clarion Alley in the Mission District. Take a tour & see all the different styles & themes the artists used to create these colorful walls.

ImageThink Infographic guide to SF bag packing. Graphic recording of golden gate bridge in san francisco, with a big tote bag in the center. Going into the tote bag are drawings of 1) a hoodie sweatshirt, 2) more bags, 3) a cloth napkin, 4) mobile cell phone, 5) a sketchbook & pen.
ImageThink Infographic guide to SF bag packing

Lastly, here is a handy infographic we created that shows how to pack a proper SF bag, read more about it here. These tips have been a benefit to our friends, colleagues, & clients.

Having full-time staff on both coasts, ImageThink has your conferences, strategy sessions, talks, and workshops covered.

Many of our clients have offices in both NYC & SF, & they are so happy to have local support for their meetings. This also means we are closer than ever to more cities & look forward to providing the best value for you & your engagements.

Interested in learning more? Visit our Services page for more information or drop us a line to learn how we may support your next event!

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