The Doctor Is In: Graphic Recording In The Healthcare Sphere

a camera man and reporter stand in front of an imagethink graphic recording at a healthcare tradeshow boothFrom ad boards to healthcare conferences, our graphic recorders draw meaningful connections between HCPs and patient needs.

Drawing Towards Clarity In A Complex Field

It goes without saying that healthcare is a wildly complex industry. For every step that drug development goes through, there is intensive review from affective, legal, and ethical perspectives. The same goes for how those drugs and treatments are marketed to the public and how they are administered in hospitals and doctors’ offices. And of course, winding its way through it all, is the necessity of truly understand a patient population’s experiences, needs, and reactions.

At ImageThink, we collaborate closely with companies across the healthcare spectrum, capturing HCP and patient voices alike. Here are a few ways that our graphic recorders use visuals to support the healthcare sphere.

a graphic recording for agfa healthcare by imagethink

A social listening mural stoked and captured conversation in Agfa Healthcare’s booth at RSNA17.

Enabling Meaningful Conversation

With all of the competing checks and balances of the heathcare legal system, and the emotional weight that oftentimes comes along with personal health and treatment, it’s sometimes difficult to open up the dialogue that our clients are looking for. That’s where visual thinking can help.

Take Agfa Healthcare, for instance. For more than a century, Agfa Healthcare has developed analog and digital imaging tools, software, and IT. Their healthcare division provides much needed innovation in diagnostic imaging and radiology, and for their trade show booth at the Radiological Society of North America’s 2017 conference, they needed a way to engage attendees and activate their space. They turned to our graphic recorders to collect insights into the value of diagnostic imaging and Agfa’s diagnostic imaging systems in a beautiful hand drawn mural. Attendees flocked to the booth to see the wall come alive with their comments. From the hope it offers patients, to the streamlined infrastructure it represents, the mural provoked as well as captured insights.

The result was more than a beautiful illustration. As a conversation starter, it enabled Agfa’s representatives to make meaningful connections with attendees, filling their pipeline and ensuring long standing business relationships.

an imagethink scribe graphic records a patient ad boardGraphic recording for patient advisory boards means ensuring all voices are heard and reflected with empathy.

Picturing Patient Voices

Patients are at the heart of the healthcare conversation, and it’s important to be able to understand their needs, challenges, motivations, and treatments that will result in the best care and outcomes. Patient advisory boards are an obvious place to start. Creating a safe space for folks to talk about what is often a deeply personal and emotional issue is absolutely crucial to the success of a patient advisory board. After all, it’s only when people feel comfortable sharing personal experiences that healthcare providers can find ways to improve their treatments not only in the hermetic sphere of the lab, but in day to day life.

Again, visual thinking and graphic recording are the perfect tools to create the crucial safe space for candid insights—and the perfect tools to capture them, as well. That’s because real-time imagery can work to both add levity to a room, and to create a point of empathy between facilitators and patients alike.

When graphic recording for an ad board, we always put time aside to huddle with the session’s facilitators ahead of time. We work closely with them to understand the nature of patient needs and experiences as they understand them, to uncover what kinds of imagery might be sensitive to people in the room, and to learn about particular vocabulary we will need to be aware of during the day.

We also talk about the goals of the day. Are the facilitators hoping to map out a day in the life of a patient? To uncover the drawbacks of current treatment methods?

To understand the impact of their condition on their caregivers and loved ones? Our graphic recorders are skilled at creating unique templates to help facilitators lead conversations in a structured yet empathetic way. The result is a session in which all voices are heard, respected, and captured.

imagethink graphic recorder scribes for dr jessica shepherd at the beblogolicious conferenceWe scribed for a Q+A with Dr. Jessica Shepherd.

Broadcasting Education And Awareness

There’s another piece to healthcare industry puzzle. Aside from engaging HCPs, or capturing patient voicess during ad boards as many of our clients do, there is also the matter of boosting awareness of health issues and options.

Change The Cycle does just that, sponsoring digital and live events to help educate and connect women with heavy periods. The online community, hosted by Hologic Inc, provides informational resources and conversational spaces for women to share their experiences, gain insights, and learn about solutions. In 2015, Hologic hosted a Change The Cycle info session at the BeBlogolicious bloggers’ and influencers’ conference in Baltimore, MD. They needed a way to make their message stick, and to boost it beyond the confines of the day itself.

Through social listening murals, live scribing, and personalized illustrations, we created real time visuals that sparked conversation in the room and on social media alike.

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