Big Brainstorms, Better Health, at Cannes Lions 2017

ImageThink graphic records at Cannes Lions Health

Picturing a Healthier World, at Cannes Lions Health

On June 17th and 18th, ImageThink is partnering with Lions Health at Cannes Lions in the Unconference Zone.  Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a creative partner, or a tech wunderkind, we look forward to picturing your big ideas at Lions Health.

Swing by the UnConference Zone, where we will facilitate four interactive Think Tanks: Brand Reputation, Talent, Digital Disruption, and the Future of healthcare. We can promise vibrant discussion and meaningful connections as you see your ideas drawn into action around content that matters to you most.

Setting The Record in Men’s Health

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Participants brainstormed over the famous Movember moustache.

Cannes Lions is all about big ideas, and last year’s conference saw one of the biggest brainstorms in the world. It was truly a healthy conversation.

In partnership with Guinness World Records, Movember, and Now Go Create, we brought together over 250 participants for a massive creative thinking session, aimed towards finding ways to encourage men to talk to each other about men’s health issues. ImageThink’s co-founder and principal, Heather Willems, captured it all in graphic recording.

ImageThink graphic recorded for a Movember brainstorm at Cannes Lions 2016
Cannes Lions 2016 saw Movember attempt to set the record for largest brainstorm, graphic recorded by ImageThink

The result? Big ideas to combat silence, like health clinics in pubs, health manuals at the barbers shop, and a football game where the cost of entry is a conversation about health.

Ready to take home some visual thinking skills of your own?

ImageThink is leading think tanks and workshops in visual thinking at Cannes Lions Health 2017

Join ImageThink’s co-founder, Nora Herting, for the Visual Thinking in Healthcare workshop. You’ll leave empowered with practical tools to transform brainstorms, map patient journeys and energize meetings. Space for this workshop is filling up fast, so register now!

Can’t make it to the Riviera? Let’s talk about the ways ImageThink can support your next big meeting or event.

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