Brainstorming The Beach: ImageThink at Cannes Lions 2017

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ImageThink co-founder Nora Herting, and graphic recorder Derrick Dent, use graphic recording to facilitate discussion at the Cannes Lions Health UnConference Zone.

Visualizing a New World in Healthcare

Last week, Cannes Lions Health brought together the best minds in healthcare, creative advertising, and industry trends. The goal?  To spark meaningful discussion on the future of these industries in the face major shifts in technology that are shaping our world.

ImageThink hosted and graphic facilitated the Unconference Zone at Cannes Lions Health, shaping meaningful discussions and leading participants to tangible insights that popped off the page.

imagethink, graphic recording, cannes lions, digital disruption, 2017
ImageThink led discussions on the impact of the digital revolution on the future of healthcare, at Cannes Lions Health 2017.

During the two days at Cannes Lions, we guided conversation and visualized perspectives as diverse as the think tank participants. Insights about creative communications came in from CMO’s, creative directors, influencers, and brands. Their voices represented dozens of countries and many healthcare landscapes.

The weekend culminated with the Visual Thinking in HealthCare workshop lead by ImageThink co-founder Nora Herting and graphic recorder Derrick Dent. Attendees, who came from countries as widespread as Kazakhstan and Denmark, learned to use simple visuals to collaborate, create visual stories, communicate and lead dynamic branding workshops, patient journeys and brainstorms.

imagethink, cannes lions, sketchnotes
Sketchnotes from the Mobile Marketing Association’s discussion concerning creativity and culture in marketing.

Drawing Out Unique Insights

In the following days at Cannes Lions, Nora and Derrick met up with some of our favorite clients like Google, IBM and Hearst Media’s iCrossing to create graphic recordings and sketchnotes at engagements and talks throughout the festival.

We learned more about their unique challenges and opportunities in advertising, cognitive technology, and creating meaningful content and creative communications, while drawing visual summaries that struck a resonance through Cannes Lions’ social media channels. After spending a week ideating with some of the brightest minds in innovation, health, and entertainment, it was tough to say goodbye; but we walked away recharged and ready to collaborate with these champions of creativity, as they lead their big ideas into the world.

Want More Insights from Cannes Lions 2017?

Take a look at our gallery of images from our time at Cannes Lions. Looking for creative workshop ideas and ways to visualize your problem solving process? Schedule a call to learn more about how we can work with your big ideas.

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