LinkedIn Case Study: Engaging an Inspired Workforce with ‘ImageThinking’

Our graphic recorders visually captured the passion and purpose of LinkedIn employees with mural sized infographics.

Using Graphic Recording To Create Moments Of Meaningful Engagement

We know a key to business success is having engaged, motivated employees. However, according to a Gallup poll, only 33% of employees feel engaged at work.

LinkedIn tackles this problem with creative solutions – they understand the importance of a workforce that feels supported, appreciated, and inspired.

ImageThink partnered with Linkedin to achieve just that.

With more than 11,000 employees worldwide and 560 million+ members, LinkedIn knows engagement – online and offline – is paramount.

Every month, the professional networking site hosts “InDays,” which stand for “Investment in You Days,” where employees are empowered to focus on themselves, the company, and the world.”

In March 2018, the InDay theme was Creativity, which was all about finding ways to unleash more creative potential in employees’ day-to-day work. To make this engagement visible, LinkedIn invited ImageThink: a NYC-based consulting firm that specializes in graphic recording and visual facilitation.

A graphic recording by ImageThink, from the LinkedIn INDay.

The event spanned LinkedIn offices across the US, from San Francisco to Omaha to New York City. Each office saw a unique visual created in real time.

A Creativity InDay

LinkedIn understands that every individual has personal motivations for coming into work. Aligned with the launch of LinkedIn’s “In It Together” brand campaign in the U.S., employees were also encouraged to explore their own personal definitions of success and underscore the purpose that keeps him/her motivated.

“This was such a success due to the positive energy the ImageThink team brought to the table.”
-Zoe Kelsey, Senior Learning Services Associate at LinkedIn

During LinkedIn’s “Creativity InDay,” ImageThink travelled to six different LinkedIn offices in five US cities to set up large canvases in high-traffic areas such as a lobby or cafeteria. Boasting art supplies and a smile, ImageThink’s Graphic Recorders and LinkedIn’s Marketing & Communications teammates invited employees to share what they were “in it” for—what stories and experiences motivated and inspired them.

Employees were immediately drawn to the easels to watch the graphic recorders create large-scale murals illustrating each employee’s contribution. The process allowed LinkedIn employees to reflect on, identify, and express individual purpose –to see it come to life visually– and furthermore, see how he/she fit into the larger company picture.

From giving back to the community, to supporting family and friends, LinkedIn staff saw their motivations illustrated in real time by our graphic recorders.

The Power of ImageThinking

ImageThink’s Graphic Recorders are skilled in active listening: they don’t just hear what’s being said but listen to and process what’s being communicated. They then visually transcribe key points onto an ImageBoard. At LinkedIn’s Creativity InDay, ImageThink captured graphic representations of over 1,200 employees’ responses to “what are you in it for?”

“Our time with ImageThink helped remind all of us that we are all people in and out of the walls at our LinkedIn offices–and this really came to life through ImageThink’s ability to capture individual ideas in a unified graphic.”
-Arin Mitchell, Internal Communications Manager at LinkedIn

The result was a shared sense that personal definitions of success not only motivate employees to support themselves individually, but also encourage them to support the team that makes their prosperity possible. Being united as one community is what allows everyone to succeed.

As a professional networking site, LinkedIn understands the role social capital plays in professional success, and ImageThink’s social listening board brought that interplay to life. Employee selfies with a personal contribution to the storyboard and the hashtags #InItTogether and #LinkedInLife filled social media. Moreover, the company’s post on @LinkedInLife, the Instagram channel for LinkedIn’s company culture, was the top performing content that month.

Today, LinkedIn displays their ImageBoards as physical artwork and featured it in company-wide digital communications shared to all global employees. If you walk into one of LinkedIn’s offices, you will be greeted by the final murals hanging proudly on the wall.

A graphic recording by ImageThink, for LinkedIn.

The graphic recording created an engaging moment in each LinkedIn office, and created content for a conversation that continued online.

Take-Aways for Successful Employee Engagement

1. Engage employees in external, or member facing, brand campaigns.

About two months prior to the Creativity InDay, LinkedIn launched its “In It Together” brand campaign, which was inspired by the idea that no matter how professionals define success, they can find other professionals on LinkedIn to relate to. By building an employee engagement strategy within the same campaign, LinkedIn enhanced their employees’ capacity to be their best brand ambassadors and actively participate in the campaign.

2. Show Employees they matter.

People often respond better to images than just words written on a page. As a communication tool, an image or graphic is an impactful way to demonstrate active listening – showing employees they are heard and understood. Whether in a campaign like “In It Together” or having an employee’s bio visually transcribed during new hire orientation or onboarding, letting employees picture themselves as integral to the company is a way to show they genuinely matter.

3. Let Employees Lead

Empowering employees to develop a unique definition of success deepens his/her relationship with the company’s purpose. Furthermore, it can increase retention, provide a platform for innovation and remind employees that we’re all people in and out of the office.

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