Engaging Visually at SEAT Conference

Founder and CEO of SEAT Christine Stoffel desired a way to capture the attention of nearly a thousand high-profile attendees at The Sports Entertainment Alliance in Technology Conference. Live visual capture combined with a large-scale lobby activation made SEAT the MVP.

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Engage phase

A Powerhouse in Sports Entertainment

SEAT, or Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology has a long history of bringing executives, decision-makers, and professionals in the field of sports entertainment and technology together to learn, grow, and achieve excellence. SEAT is committed to empowering leaders in the industry and providing them with the opportunity to network directly with peers, share resources, and talk strategy.

Every year, SEAT hosts a variety of high-profile visitors under their roof: C-level executives, tech sponsors, social influencers, sports and entertainment professionals, and IOT specialists, to name a few. The conference provides an opportunity for these individuals to share knowledge, problem-solve, build relationships, and add to conversations that circulate the world of sports entertainment.

SEAT’s Founder and CEO Christine Stoffel approached ImageThink with a proposition – she wanted to liven keynote and content of her event and create a deeper level of engagement among attendees. ImageThink suggested pairing our real-time visual capture with an attention-grabbing social listening activation to offer every attendee courtside seats to the thought leadership on display.

ImageThink board visually depicting the SEAT Conference.

Game Time

For three days, ImageThink visualized key ideas surrounding innovations in venue technology, fan engagement, 5G internet connections, and the rapidly growing community and commerce of e-sports from speakers and attendees. Live visual capture of the keynote presentation kept attendees on the edge of their “seat,” fully immersed in the discussion and content.

ImageThink's visual capture of a presentation surrounding e-sports, traditional sports, and the business dynamics of the two.

ImageThink heightened attendee engagement by assembling our capture boards into towers, which not only served as a focal point for connection, but acted as a vital asset for attendees who were unable to sit in on each session during the multi-track event.

Excited attendees converse next to ImageThink's board towers.

Three days, three ImageBoard towers, and a thousand excited guests later, SEAT had months of social media content to create buzz for the year ahead. Even those unable to attend got to experience the conference, as images of ImageThink board floated across social media platforms.

SEAT Conference shares ImageThink's work on Twitter.

Session Highlights

We often use “neutral spaces” in conferences as a home for our ImageBoards after a session wraps. Still, it’s a novelty to literally elevate our work to new heights. Our hosts in Dallas provided ample room to build towers with boards that not only activated the space but provided an illustrated index of the big topics of the event.

Here, attendees could catch up on sessions that they missed while networking, and speakers had a tool to review their talking points during the conference breaks. The towers and gallery displays also made for some excellent photo ops.

A speaker poses in front of ImageThink's visual summary of his talk.

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