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Holiday Edition of ImageDrink at Berg’n

Holiday Edition of ImageDrink at Berg’n

November 29, 2016

Naughty or nice: come ImageDrink with us!   Get your holiday month started off right by attending this special holiday party edition of ImageDrink at Berg’n on 12/1 from 7-10pm. You already know about our dedication to visual facilitation and helping clients picture big ideas. We also believe there is value in creating a fun, inviting environment that allows people to be forthcoming and empowered. Thus; ImageDrink was born!   We started our drink and draw series in September 2016 as a way to bring our love of connecting people with drawing to our Brooklyn community. In collaboration with Berg’n, […]

ImageThink Tips For Drawing Icons

ImageThink Tips For Drawing Icons

February 8, 2016

Written By: Derrick Dent, graphic recorder at ImageThink (@imagethink) My creative background is one that is heavily influenced by comics and cartooning. The way that I draw fits perfectly into my role as graphic recorder for ImageThink, where we create simplified visuals to communicate complex ideas. Here are some tips for drawing icons. Being economic with your lines is something that allows for speed and lends itself to a signature style, not dissimilar from handwriting. There’s a reason that you can tell a Bill Watterson drawing from a mile away. Also, as Scott McCloud mentions in Understanding Comics, simplicity is a […]

Ringing in 2016 with Our Newest Graphic Recorders!

Ringing in 2016 with Our Newest Graphic Recorders!

January 5, 2016

ImageThink graphic recording is happy to welcome Ona Rygelis and Derrick Dent to the team! They are our newest graphic recorders and spent the day researching the history of graphic recording. They found that taking sketch notes helped them retain, prioritize, and use the information better in the creation of their images. They both chose nonlinear compositions and made use of containers and arrows. Most importantly, they learned a lot and had fun while doing it! Interested in ImageThink? Visit our Services page for more information or drop us a line at [email protected] to learn how we may support your next event!

ImageThink Pro Bono Graphic Recording with SKIP of New York

February 20, 2015

Each year, ImageThink employees are encouraged to seek out a pro bono job. This year, our graphic recorder, James Lake, chose SKIP of New York. In a nutshell, SKIP (Sick Kids [Need] Involved People) helps New York’s sickest kids. SKIP acts as a free medical concierge connecting medically fragile children with the services and equipment they need to get well and live at home rather than in hospitals or institutions. SKIP, established in 1983, does not charge for its services, never turns a child away and it saves approximately $50 million in public expense annually. But most importantly, SKIP helps over […]

ImageThink Graphic Recording – Best of 2014

January 29, 2015

2014 was a busy year for ImageThink. Our team of Graphic Recorders traveled across 6 countries to create visual notes at over 220 engagements. We listened to conversations, instantly recorded the key points and organized them into visual summaries. Working across diverse fields, we had the opportunity to watch top trends emerge. At public events, industry leaders discussed topics spanning from personal genomics, cyber security, to climate change and cultural diversity. We created this slideshare to reflect the biggest ideas from this year’s public conferences, not only to continue the conversation but also to create a lasting impression of what […]

Meet the ImageThink Team – Heather Willems

January 6, 2015

Heather Willems is one of the principal owners of ImageThink, and is an incredibly talented graphic recorder. She enjoys relationship building, whether it’s through facebook, twitter, or in person at conferences. She has graphic recorded some incredible events, most notably for Guy Kawasaki on a Google hangout which reached millions of viewers! Apropos, one of her favorite films is Amelie which features the tag line “She’ll change your life!”.

ImageThink at Religions For The Earth Conference

September 22, 2014

ImageThink graphic recorded the Religions For The Earth Conference. This was a wonderful group of very caring individuals discussing the climate crisis. A common love of Mother Earth, joined voices for change. As you can see, we had a grand setup for our boards!This event was across 2 days, it involved eloquent speeches, workshops and commitments. We all felt personally honored to help make this historic event a success.  

Drawing City Blocks

November 21, 2013

As a New Yorker, it’s easy to sometimes look past the daily benefit of walking down our streets with many gorgeous 18th -20th century buildings, brownstones, and shops.  Once you start looking, almost every block reveals a vibrant scene of intricate detail to capture. But have you ever wondered how to exactly draw out such a scene? And in the right perspective? At ImageThink, we love discovering new strategies for illustrating the vast world around us. We recently were thrilled to discover this helpful step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a classic New York city block. Broken down in a […]

Curb Decision Fatigue and Streamline Your Life

October 31, 2013

  We live in a world today with more auditory and visual information than in any generation has every experienced! While the increased presence of technology has dramatically aided us in our work achievements, it’s also greatly expanded the amount of information building in our mental caches. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why so many of today’s thought leadership discussions center on how we can truly streamline our lives for more efficiency and cultivating peaceful minds. Continuing this discussion, the team-members from the popular visual design blog, Design*Sponge, Amy Azzarito and Max Tielman, discuss their proven ways as to how […]

Vote for ImageThink – $250k Chase Mission Main St Grant

October 28, 2013

Close your eyes and imagine a cutting-edge workspace filled with innovative makers, idea generators, and a jam-packed schedule of community events for anyone ready to pick up a marker and learn! ImageThink is thrilled to announce that we are applying for the Chase Mission Mainstreet Grant to win $250,000 to transform our Brooklyn start-up space into our dream office with a community-focused center for Graphic Recording and visual learning. Please click here to vote for ImageThink in the Chase Mission Mainstreet Grant. We need 250 votes to be reviewed by the Chase panel. You can support ImageThink by just clicking twice here! ImageThink, […]