ImageThink’s Guide to Packing a Proper SF Bag

ImageThink Infographic guide to SF bag packing
ImageThink Infographic guide to SF bag packing

ImageThink has been a team of experienced travelers flying out of New York City, before we opened our west coast office in San Francisco. After a few months of settling in, we created this infographic to help others plan their days, including everything you’ll need to take in your bag around San Francisco.

The ImageThink Guide to Packing a Proper SF Bag

1. A light jacket is always useful, year round.

“There’s one type of weather in San Francisco: San Francisco weather”, says a local San Francisco taxi driver. Sunny and warm during the day, chilly and foggy at night. You can see the beautiful glow of fog come in around 6pm every day from the Pacific Ocean. There’s also a constant breeze in the city, which takes the edge off the temperature, and makes a light jacket a necessity. Plus, you will just leave it in your tote bag even if you don’t need it.

2. Bring more bags, save money and reduce waste.

San Francisco’s citizens are known for their environmentally consciousness. In an effort to prompt people to reduce plastic consumption, grocery stores charges a small fee for customers who needed additional bags at the register. At Whole Foods, you can get the fee refunded to you or donate that money to charity. We were also delighted to find these great biodegradable plastic bags here that are great for reducing the amount of plastic ending up in land fill.

3. Bring your own cloth napkins to restaurants.

This is a practice that used to be common place decades ago, but the bay area has embraced this as part of their lifestyle. Silicon Valley start-ups are catching on with ‘zero-waste’ lunches.  Enjoy reducing paper waste, then just throw the napkin in with your laundry. This can be applied to any city, of course.

4. Your smartphone/tablet, one-stop device.

This may seem like common sense to bring, but San Francisco is the place for getting the most use out of your apps. Enjoy almost no wait for your uber, taking photos of all the colorful murals with your camera, and finding your way through all the many neighborhoods with maps.

5. Notebook and pen for your creative memories.

Whether at your favorite restaurant, gallery, or conference- jot down your feelings, reactions, and findings in words and pictures. This personal practice will make you remember and appreciate your experiences better.

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