Draw Your Big Idea: The Consumer Centric Approach


Every business should be focused on their customers, but how do you act on becoming truly customer centric?

In Draw Your Big Idea, one of our best books on innovation, we provide you the tools to map resources, hone your vision, and create action plans to send your ideas into the world.  But, before those plans can be put into action, there is another key element that must enter the fold: your customer! Graphic facilitation is a great way to create user stories, and we dedicated an entire chapter to Picturing Your Customer.

Whether you’re planning to open a coffee shop or a tech start up, it’s essential that you get to know the people who will use your product or service.  Remember that your customers are more than just the short interactions they have with you.  Getting to know them in a holistic way will help you create better services and identify where you can bring value to them and their lives.  Our Day In The Life exercise from chapter 7 is a great place to start.

In this exercise we ask you to imagine your customer’s journey from when they first wake up in the morning to when they fall asleep at night.  What obstacles do they meet on their way to work, at lunch, or when they get home in the evening?  What are they looking forward to in their day, and what are they dreading?

Once you have walked a day in your customer’s shoes, you can identify the most important component: how your big idea will enter their life, and what value it will bring them!

Take a moment to map your customer’s day. How does it look? Tweet/Instagram what you learn at #drawyourbigidea.

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