Draw Your Big Idea: The Anti-Bucket List

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Draw Your Big Idea graphic recording book comes out June 21st, and to celebrate it’s upcoming release, we’re sharing some of our favorite pages with you.  In a previous post, we showed you the Tool Belt exercise from chapter 2, which helps you start your entrepreneurial journey by identifying the skill sets you can draw on to realize your big idea.  In this next exercise, we want to explore how to clear the space and take the time to buckle down and get things done.

While working on Draw Your Big Idea, sometimes we felt stretched in a million directions.  In addition to keeping ImageThink running, we were sketching out pages, running ideas past friends for feedback and working with our publisher to ensure all our deadlines were met. 

This reminded us of a day when Heather was talking with Nora about her (self-proclaimed) “absurd phobia of fish”. As she was outlining her strategy to build up the courage to do some deep sea diving, Nora stepped in to save her time! “You do not need to deep sea dive. It is okay to be afraid of fish! There are somethings that you can just give yourself permission not to do.” Seeing this (not only) as a comic-relief, the anti-bucket list game was born!

For instance, Nora’s sisters are both dedicated athletes who have each run more than one type of marathon. Forget runners high, Nora’s singular thought while running is how much longer she has to go before she can stop. While she does think that runners are superior humans, she isn’t going to become one. She’ll stick with weight lifting and yoga. She is happy to never cross the finish line. 


In order to accomplish the goals you really want and need to do, it’s important to identify those tasks that you can live without.  We hear people telling us what we should doand what we should WANT to do. The thing is, one woman’s bucket list item is another woman’s ANTI-Bucket list item. 

It’s equally as important to give ourselves permission to not do some activities in order to make room for things that really matter.

What is it time for you to stop worrying about, so that you can make time for the things you really care about?  Tweet us at #drawyourbigidea.

Nora Herting and Heather WillemsCoFounders and Principals of ImageThinkCoAuthors of Draw Your Big Idea

Draw Your Big Idea graphic recording book is hitting the shelves this June–preorder your copy here to receive a bonus toolset with your copy.  Happy drawing!

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