Case Study: ImageThink, Freeman, and Digital Graphic Recording for Cisco

Cisco Live! attendee photographing a digital graphic recording of a session on a Cisco WebeX board

Over the last decade, ImageThink has visualized the keynotes, panels, and breakout sessions from hundreds of conference partners in nearly every sector. We have helped energize, engage, and illuminate audiences and have helped capture and crystalize the insights of top brands, thought leaders, and even the attendees themselves.

Whether it’s visual notes for a general session or drawing out your audience’s answer to a central question, our ImageBoards serve to foster collaboration and memorialize the information you uncover. Images activate the whole brain and encourage participation. They’re also shareable and memorable, meaning that your message lives long beyond the last day of your event.

What’s more, we increasingly find that creating your visual assets digitally offers benefits for our graphic records, your audience, and your sponsors.  Drawing digitally does more than just allow for on-the-fly correction (our traditional Neueland markers don’t erase). Digital illustrations are infinitely scalable, can be shared live around the globe, and ready to distribute the moment your session has concluded.


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Attention, Scale, and Engagement

Digital Graphic Recording Outputs from Cisco Live with NetApp

This summer, ImageThink partnered with Cisco through the company’s event planner Freeman, for Cisco Live! 2019. The conference stands as a shining example of how digital graphic recording can captivate, engage, and inspire big audiences among even the most tech savvy crowds.

Cisco wanted to be sure the marquee speakers and valuable industry content didn’t get lost in the noise of this 28,000-person conference. Plus, they needed a way to bring the valuable insights unearthed in conference sessions to the rest of Cisco’s global clients who couldn’t attend in person. Over the two-day event, Senior Graphic Recorder Lilly Lam captured insights and differentiators for Cisco Live!’s sponsors in real time on three sizes of WebeX board.

Because the notes were captured natively digital, Lilly’s notes were able to be shared live on any screen around the venue or via webinar for remote attendees. Team members who don’t have the benefit of being co-located have the opportunity to contribute when digital assets are live-streamed. In today’s evolving workplace, digital graphic recording, like what Lilly provided for Cisco Live!, allows remote attendees the same visual experience as the folks in the room.

The speed and shareability of working digitally provides another upside. The visual assets that we created are immediately available to be pushed to attendees via email, social media, or conference app. Better than the blurry, grainy iPhone photos of a PowerPoint projection at 50 yards, the finished sketchnotes can be saved and shared by attendees organically on their own social media, in hi-res, with none of the message lost or clipped.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Senior Graphic Recorder Lilly Lam showcasing her digital sketchnotes at Cisco Live! 2019

Cisco and its sponsors were so impressed with the results, that they actually featured ImageThink’s work in an editorial they wrote on the power of digital iteration. In the piece, ImageThink Director of Business Development Miles Mosley reminded readers, “we’ve used visuals to communicate more effectively since the dawn of man, and now, the digital space is expanding our capabilities. It’s cave painting, but for a few thousand people all over the world, and it’s available in an instant.”

Lilly expanded on Miles’ point, explaining how visual ideation encourages collaboration and contribution, saying, “We call it the ‘wantingness to share.’ This is especially important with global teams. If you can co-create assets and output in real time, you will foster collaboration. When everyone is participating, everyone feels part of the project and is more connected to the outcome.”

In an often cluttered and noisy media landscape, ImageThink is proud to consistently stand out and cut through the sea of sameness with unique, hand-crafted visuals that capture the humanity of every story. Those who witness our graphic recorders in action are so impressed, they can’t help but post our ImageBoards to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and it’s a privilege to help capture and share the influential thought-leadership that comes out of exciting events like Cisco Live!

You can read the full article on Cisco’s blog here, and you can reach out to ImageThink today to discuss how capturing your greatest ideas digitally can improve the reach, resonance, and ROI of your event’s message by clicking here or calling the number above.

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