LiNC 2011 – The Brand Nation Knowledge Wall

Three weeks ago we worked with Paul Gilliham at Lithium to create a large wall that captured the theme of the LiNC2011 Conference: Brand Nation. We created the wall in collaboration with the attendees at the conference. The wall developed over the course of the conference and in now displayed in the Lithium Headquarters! Whoo Whew!

We think that Paul summed up the event quite well:

One of the cool things from LiNC this year was the Brand Nation knowledge wall… This was a ‘community built’ graphic recording of what LiNC attendees where thinking about around their most passionate superfans. Our intrepid artists, Wyn Wilson and Judy Chang from ImageThink helped illustrate exactly what everyone was thinking.

I saw this form of illustration at SXSW this year, when part of the ImageThink team illustrated Dr Michael Wu’s presentation, but it was a much smaller scale. Just like the theme of the event we talked ImageThink into Leveling Up the illustration and they jumped at the chance. So here is our massive 8x16ft Brand Nation knowledge wall….

Click on the image below to see a larger size. And don’t forget to check out the time-laps video below!

click for a larger image!
click to watch the time lapse fun time

LiNC 2011 Brand Nation Knowledge Wall from Lithium on Vimeo.

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