SCAN: Phase One of the ImageThink Method™

This post is part of our 6-part series on The ImageThink Method™, our unique process for leading organizational transformations, from culture shifts to strategic plans to launching a new brand. Developed by ImageThink CEO and Founder Nora Herting, this proprietary framework applies visual theory, graphic facilitation, and design thinking in strategic ways to move these major initiatives forward. The end result isn’t just a successful project, but a more engaging, collaborative, and creative process.

Yes You SCAN

This introduces the SCAN Phase of The ImageThink Method™, which is all about thinking creatively, envisioning future possibilities, and gathering insights. The SCAN phase can be simultaneously energizing and overwhelming. Capturing ideas visually can help prioritize ideas and make decisions about what direction to take your project.

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Scan phase

By the end of this article, you’ll have a firm grasp of how to kick off your next project, a solid real-world example of SCAN in action, and most importantly, some simple steps you can follow to begin your own SCAN process.

Who SCANs and When?

In 2016, ImageThink began a partnership with a new business unit inside a global auto manufacturer. With the goal of evaluating and improving the success of the company’s media partnerships, the unit was a small cadre of employees taking the first steps into what would become a multi-year process.

ImageThink joined before the team had even taken a name, but hit the ground running, by visualizing an initial planning session that evaluated the current state, identified all the players, and took stock of current business relationships. The graphic recording notes captured in session helped to shape the team’s understanding of the current landscape, lend them a narrative voice, and help them develop their pitch to senior leadership.

How to Begin the SCAN Phase of the ImageThink Method™

Eager to begin your next project or product launch and leverage the ImageThink Method™ to optimize your strategy sessions? A comprehensive SCAN is the best way to start. So how can you incorporate the ImageThink Method™ philosophy into your approach? The following questions can help set you on the right path: 

  1. Who needs to be in the room? Whose insights, expertise, and evaluation will help build a complete picture?
  2. What metrics and measurements do we need in advance of the meeting to make good decisions and evaluations?
  3. What is the central question for our brainstorm? Have we framed the question correctly? (Read all about how to frame your question here.)
  4. Who is the customer/client/end user? What are their needs?
  5. Who is NOT the customer/client/end user? Are we unique enough?
  6. How are we capturing notes, ideas, questions, and next steps? We’re partial to graphic recording, but whatever you use, make sure you have a plan.
  7. What tools, technology, or supplies do we need for this session? Is it virtual? In person?

And don’t worry if this sounds like a lot for the first step! We find that as clients begin answering one question, they begin to answer others. And if you want help, that’s what we’re here for! Just use the chat function or click here to schedule a discussion and demo of how we help clients in the SCAN phase.

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