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Stick Out (In a Good Way): A Quick Guide to Engaging Event Attendees

Stick Out (In a Good Way): A Quick Guide to Engaging Event Attendees

July 10, 2017

  Conference fatigue is real. Especially for those whose jobs require them to call tradeshow booths home, and whose commute time is marked not in subway stops, but by plane rides.   But the success of a conference or trade show depends on its ability to stand apart, break expectations, and find moments of human connection amid the hustle and bustle. In corporate events, whether you’re hosting an internal conference or designing a tradeshow booth, it takes careful planning to make it a success. Here are a few ways we can help.     1) Go Viral to Set The Stage for […]

Amex's Top Business Traveler Trends from 2016: Illustrated

Amex’s Top Business Traveler Trends from 2016: Illustrated

August 8, 2016

  The Global Business Travel Association… is the “world’s premiere business travel and meetings organization,” with over 7,000 members spread across six continents.  Last month, during the GBTA’s convention in Denver, CO, Amex revealed the findings of its Global Business Traveler Sentiment Index, which measured the latest business traveller trends for the business traveller community. Travel is a constant for us at ImageThink, where we support clients around the globe.  So we were excited to go to Denver to support Amex’s booth with a large scale infographic based on their report’s findings.  Not only did it draw conference attendees into the […]

EWI & ImageThink: Sizzle Award Winners!

October 18, 2013

We are elated to announce that ImageThink’s contribution to EWI’s vision, won the eye of the judges at Exhibtor Magazine with a 2013 Sizzle Award in best Integrated Program! EWI’s novel design vision for their award-winning booth featured a custom ImageThink Animated Video and the addition of live, in-person and on-site ImageThink graphic recorders.  With the addition of the graphic recorders, EWI was able to engage and attract more participants than ever before to their booth! As EWI describes: “The live booth experience itself was designed to deliver on the concept of bringing storytelling to life. “We were captivated by […]