EWI & ImageThink: Sizzle Award Winners!

We are elated to announce that ImageThink’s contribution to EWI’s vision, won the eye of the judges at Exhibtor Magazine with a 2013 Sizzle Award in best Integrated Program!


EWI’s novel design vision for their award-winning booth featured a custom ImageThink Animated Video and the addition of live, in-person and on-site ImageThink graphic recorders. With the addition of the graphic recorders, EWI was able to engage and attract more participants than ever before to their booth!


As EWI describes:

The live booth experience itself was designed to deliver on the concept of bringing storytelling to life.

“We were captivated by the drawing/recording experience during our meeting, so we could easily see how this concept could be adapted to the booth as a traffic builder and engagement tool.


 If we had the graphic recorders creating images in our booth, it would stop people and get them to interact with us on a personal level. That would launch the relationship and generate awareness. And based on this fun, creative activity, we could devise multiple touchpoints to surround it and to demonstrate our intangibles.”


We were thrilled as graphic records to actively capture the stories of the conference’s attendees. The value we brought to the stage was not only in visualizing the ideas of the excited booth participants, but also in facilitating a storytelling customer experience that revealed EWI’s superb strengths as communications company:

Once attendees selected their question and gave their answer to the facilitator, it was also shared with the graphic recorder, who would immediately begin illustrating their response. The answers and subsequent drawing were as unique as the visitor. A few examples:

“When I was a child, I dreamt of being a vet.”

“My superpower would be to fly.”

“If I could time travel, I would go to Russia and be BFFs with Catherine the Great.”

“The goal I want to accomplish this year is to run a 5K.”


After the illustration was complete, attendees were asked to stand in front of their drawing for a photo, taken by a facilitator. While some white space was left on the board for them to be incorporated into the picture, the recorders also added playful details – such as drawing floating hats, wine glasses, snorkels and even soccer balls that guests could pose in front of, which typically made for lots of laughs and impressed expressions.”

ImageThink was elated to provide an additional engaging and human touch to EWI’s fantastic Exhibitor booth concept. We couldn’t be more proud of our Sizzle Award and our fantastic collaboration with EWI!


To learn more about EWI capabilities in bring your unique story to life, please visit here for more information. And, to discover more information regarding ImageThink’s fantastic and diverse services from animated videos to graphic recording, please visit or Services page or Contact us for more information!

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