It’s Not Just Sci Fi: Bringing Digital Graphic Recording into the AI Age

December 12, 2016

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digital graphic recording made Intel AI day conference sessions unique and innovative

The #IntelAI hashtag was illustrated in real time in this digital graphic recording.

Only recently, AI was the realm of science fiction. Today, it’s very much the realm of reality.

Last month, Intel’s AI Day brought experts together to talk about the impact of artificial intelligence across industries, society, and culture.  Leaps and bounds in AI are helping data scientists capture, correlate, and make actionable more information than ever before. Intel needed a way to engage attendees, add creative flair, and create valuable and usable visual assets for use after the event concluded.

For a solution as sleek and tech-forward as their topic, Intel turned to us for the perfect solution: digital graphic recording.

Streamed to monitors around the room and throughout hallways and spillover rooms, our digital graphic recording illustrated a live twitter feed and captured the keynotes’ key ideas.

conference attendees look at digital sketchnotes by imagethink

Conference attendees discuss the future of AI in front of digital graphic recordings streamed live to hallway monitors.

What excited was most weren’t the leaps and bounds that AI is making every day (and it is). It’s the way artificial intelligence is being applied to real-world issues from healthcare to online bullying.  We wanted to share a few with you.

Here are a few big ways that AI is going to change our world, for the better.

1) Healthcare As Unique As Your Fingerprint

digital graphic recording by imagethink at Intel AI Day

Precision Medicine is changing the face of healthcare.

Thanks to wearables like FitBit and affordable DNA testing like 23 and Me, doctors capture more patient data than ever before. From genetics to behaviors to personal preferences, doctors can now gain holistic insights into the people they care for. Even more important is the potential new technologies hold to let doctors collaborate with patients on their well-being.

2) Social Media for Social Good: Identifying At-Risk Youth

digital graphic facilitation helped communicate big ideas at Intel AI day conferenceThink Of Us uses AI tech to push the envelope of what an online community can mean for those who really need it.

Not only will it provide young adults with inspiring videos and self-coaching tools; Think Of Us plans to use AI to connect youth with advocates who will help them meet the challenges of young adulthood.

3) Hacking Harassment With AI

digital visual note taking by imagethink at Intel AI day

Social media like facebook and twitter were created with the vision of bringing people together. Yet all too often, we see it used to bully and belittle.

Hack Harassment partners with tech companies like Intel to sponsor hackathons to identify solutions to online harassment, by analyzing text and context in the social media landscape.

A major theme of the day was the continuing importance of collaboration between humans and technology—that even as artificial intelligence changes the way we interpret data, in the end it will be human beings that use that new information to make lasting and meaningful change in the world.

The digital graphic recordings we created are in some ways emblematic of that union of the human and the technological; of the way that infusing technological content with human emotion can create a real impact in the world.

Interested in how digital graphic recording can bring your conference to the next level? Contact our project manager and for custom quotes.