Inspiring Planners at GO Wild 2023

Wild for Planners had ambitious plans for their annual conference. Partnering with ImageThink the conference featured live graphic recording, social listening murals, and a social media campaign that generated excitement and brought together a community of planners.

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Engage phase

GO Wild!

Wild for Planners is a collective of planner enthusiasts and creatives. Each year, Wild for Planners hosts their GO Wild Conference, bringing their community together to network, make memories, and listen to inspiring speakers.  

For their 6th annual GO Wild Conference, they wanted to go even bigger, so they enlisted ImageThink to help capture talks live at the venue in Washington DC and announce their impressive list of speakers in a massive social media campaign.   

An Evolving Partnership

Initially, Wild for Planners came to ImageThink with a jam-packed agenda for GO Wild 2023. Organizers had booked a full slate of speakers, panels, workshops, and activities that needed to be visually captured to excite and engage their creative community.  

During the planning process, The Wild for Planners team was also gearing up to announce their speaker lineup on social media. To excite the community and keep the creative thread running throughout the entire event, ImageThink’s visual strategists developed a series of visual bios for social media announcements.  

Building Anticipation

ImageThink created more than 25 fully illustrated speaker spotlight timelapses and stills, and visualized snapshots of activities to happen throughout the three-day-long conference.  

Branded with their unique pastel color palette and packed with a glimpse of what conference sessions would include, Wild for Planners was now equipped with a deck of visual assets to promote and build excitement for their annual event while also deepening their partnerships with speakers.  

In a coordinated effort with ImageThink and GO Wild Conference speakers, Wild for Planners used Instagram to promote the time-lapsed visual bio of each event speaker and event activity, amplifying the message and impact. 

The social media announcements were a smash hit, accruing thousands of likes, comments, and social interactions across the board. With the launch of the speaker list online, the conversation about the GO Wild Conference grew with increased excitement and ticket sales.  

Memorialize and Engage with Inclusive Visuals  

ImageThink also put in the work onsite to visually capture over 10 live sessions. Our visual notes helped make sessions even more memorable, kept attendees engaged, and memorialized the content shared.  

The boards also made for an inclusive event, and guests were impressed with how accessible the information became. Each visual created was then displayed after the sessions and allowed attendees to reflect, deepening the impact of the event. 

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