EWI Worldwide intended to make their booth at the Health Care Exhibitor Association (HCEA) a fully immersive experience to generate new business and partnerships. With end-to-end support, ImageThink would help them achieve this and more through an award-worthy activation.

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Engage phase

A global master in event experiences

EWI Worldwide is a global experiential design and event marketing agency founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1979. For years, EWI has specialized in crafting unique event experiences and exhibits through cutting-edge strategy; tailoring their service offerings to showcase their clients’ brand story, products, and services in ways that drive meaningful connections and leave lasting impressions.

Since cultivating meaningful interactions is foundational to their business, EWI wanted to walk the walk at the Health Care Exhibitor Association (HCEA). For their HCEA booth, creating an engaging experience for attendees, while reinforcing their brand messaging, “Your Story Alive” was vital. Not only would this demonstrate their aptitude for personalized event experiences, it would strengthen existing client relationships and promote further lead generation.

To help bring EWI’s vision for their trade show booth to life, they reached out to ImageThink. We proposed a fully immersive activation, that would reach attendees before, during, and after the engagement. With a comprehensive visual pairing of prefabricated visuals, animations, and a live social listening mural, ImageThink was ready to roll out the red carpet for the star of the show – EWI.

Bringing stories to life

At HCEA’s trade show, attendees were eager to see EWI – but not just for the live graphic recording on display. Prior to the show, attendees received an ImageThink visual mailer inviting them to EWI’s booth. The invitation worked its magic to sprout connection with attendees and make their visit to the booth instantly more personal. Additionally, ImageThink also worked with EWI before the engagement to create an animated video that played on a monitor adjacent to their booth. The animation welcomed attendees and swayed them to stick around and interact with EWI.

The visual experience didn’t cease there, however. At EWI’s booth, attendees were intrigued by the unique dynamism of visual strategists illustrating in real-time, as part of ImageThink’s social listening mural service. Guests selected fun and thought-provoking questions to answer from EWI-branded conversation cards, included:

  • If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
  • If you could have a super power, what would it be?
  • What is one quality you admire in a person?
An attendee poses in front of an ImageThink social listening mural at EWI's trade show booth.

ImageThink visually recorded participant responses live, creating a collective visual on a scrolling paper backdrop. Guests took advantage of the photo opportunity the visual backdrop presented: attendees posed next to their visualized answers on the social listening mural and moments were captured by EWI. EWI leveraged these images by inputting them into a custom app linked to a lead gen software where notes and information was provided for later follow up by EWI’s sales team.

A prize-worthy partnership with EWI

Working with ImageThink proved the value of an international partnership to EWI in more ways than one. Attributed to our collaboration, EWI reported better, longer engagement at their booth – between 5 to 10 minutes. With the increased time spent at their booth, EWI was able to foster connections and more solid leads than previous engagements.

EWI trade show booth with an ImageThink social listening mural at a glance.

Their success extended to recognition for their booth from the host of the event itself – HCEA – who presented EWI as having the best booth in show. Additionally, EWI received a shout out from Exhibitor Magazine, who awarded them the Sizzler Award, for deploying methods that generated organic conversations, and meaningful connections. In EWI’s words:

ImageThink was a wonderful addition to our team, and really brought to life our branding initiative.

Jordan Cieslak, Global Account Director, EWI Worldwide Solutions

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