NEURIZONS 2020: Networks grow. Ideas flow.

The 2020 Neurizons Conference, when faced with a global pandemic, needed to find a way to capture and communicate the research of some of the world’s top neuroscientists to an online audience.

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Excite phase

The [Neural] Networking Event

Neurizons is a multidisciplinary neuroscience conference organized by the students of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Neuroscience in Göttingen, Germany. The 9th biennial conference ‘Neurizons 2020: Networks grow. Ideas flow’ was set to take place in May 2020, at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.

Beyond providing a platform for top researchers in the field to present their research and findings, Neurizons offers unparalleled access for students and young scientists in the field to meet and learn from the experts.

You know what happened. With the global Covid-19 pandemic, it was no longer safe to host the event in person as initially planned.

Brainstorming with the Brainiest Brain Scientists…

Faced with the new (and global) challenge of adapting an in-person event to a virtual platform, the Neurizons conference planners needed a way to make their event stand out, and to minimize so-called Zoom fatigue that can accompany online events. They also needed to ensure that however they visualized their event, conversations were accurately captured, especially those that include more technical, scientific language and concepts.  

graphic recording of Neurizons Panel Discussion on natural vs. artificial intelligence

Enter graphic recording. For years, ImageThink has been supporting conferences and conventions with large scale digital graphic recording. Since the onset of the global pandemic in 2020, we’ve also evangelized the benefits of utilizing live illustration to help communicate and memorialize complex conversations happening in real time over the internet.

Part of the reason ImageThink has been such a valuable graphic recording partner is the rigorous and deep preparation work we offer clients in advance of their event. Over the course of several planning calls, our in-house team of graphic recorders becomes familiar with your industry and business goals and expectations, while also identifying key ideas and concepts that will be featured.

For the online event itself, ImageThink graphic recorder Claud Li was on hand to scribe Wolf Singer’s Keynote speech, as well as a Panel Discussion on Natural vs. Artificial Intelligence. In addition to providing some visual stimuli and concise notes during two fascinating conversations, Claud’s outputs provide the Neurizons team a beautiful, shareable, and evergreen documentation of this unique year.

Long-Term Memories

Even following extensive planning and prep work, something we frequently encounter when partnering with new clients in highly specialized fields is a concern around a graphic recorder’s ability to understand the nuanced, complex, and often highly technical specifics of a given field. ImageThink often works partners with individuals in highly specialized and disparate fields, from FinTech to Pharma to Higher Ed, and is responsible for memorializing some very technical content.

ImageThink graphic recording of Keynote session with Wolf Singer at the Neurizons 2020 conference

There’s a concern that an illustrator or scribe will misunderstand or miss entirely key details, or fail to accurately capture the important details. After all, having a trained artist on hand to scribe a meeting or event is a big investment.

As Claud demonstrated at this conference, graphic recorders are specialists in their own right. Beyond being talented artists and illustrators with impeccable penmanship, graphic recorders’ true talent lies in listening and synthesizing information.

So whether it’s the tightly regulated language required by pharmaceutical ad-boards, digital marketing lingo of a strategy session, or the highly technical conversations of a bunch of brain scientists, a skilled graphic recorder like Claud can your ideas flow to your growing network.

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