For their 2019 Conference, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council engaged ImageThink CEO Nora Herting to digitally scribe a featured keynote, lead a creativity workshop, AND speak on visual leadership to thousands of attendees.

Graphic of ImageThink Method - Excite phase

Drawing it on the Big Screen

Engaged to graphic record, speak, and lead a workshop at the 2019 Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) annual conference, Nora Herting had an opportunity to demonstrate to hundreds of attendees the effectiveness of live, digital graphic recording.

Her visual notes, which accompanied Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson’s keynote wowed the crowd, and were strengthened when Nora was able to take the stage and provide some context on visual notetaking with the example behind her.

Keynote capture notes from Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson, captured by Nora Herting at WBENC 2019.

Teaching the Power of the Pen

Following her big speaking gig, Nora led a more intimate workshop to a group of attendees interested in harnessing the power of visuals for themselves. Her Visual Leadership workshop encourages and inspires managers and team leaders to leverage note taking and simple illustrations to help guide more productive meetings and encourage greater shared creativity.

By contextualizing the history of visual communication, providing easy-to-recreate activities, and sharing tricks for “non-artists” using simple shapes and icons, ImageThink workshops provide teams an entirely new toolkit for immediate use.

Physical and Mental Takeaways

Following her engagement, Nora was able to connect with several attendees (many of whom bought her book, Draw Your Big Idea on site!) on the conference floor and around town in Baltimore. Several workshop attendees have written us to share their success stories incorporating drawing and visuals into their daily business practice.

The Marriott team requested a signed and framed print of Nora’s capture of Arne Sorenson’s presentation, and the WBENC team reached out to invite to Nora to return and speak at their 2020 event. As a proud member of the WBENC, it’s especially meaningful to share the power of visuals with women leaders across the country.

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