Where do you get those wonderful clothes?

ImageThink’s graphic recorders are always traveling from business meeting to business meeting, how do we always look our best for any job?AA

One of our favorite places to shop is Original Penguin. Their clothes are professional and fashion forward, especially their men’s section. Tired of the boring white button-down?AA2They have a huge selection of colorful men’s shirts! Socks, too!Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.59.05 AMWhile we were graphic recording at Constellation this year, colorful socks were all the rage!blow-up-penguin2226The women’s clothes are so cute, the retro designs and bright colors look amazing. We hope they grow the women’s line in the future, right now there’s limited options.


Our very own graphic recorder, James Lake, is head-to-toe Original Penguin! Order on Cyber Monday, they’re having 40-50% off online orders!



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