Questions To Ask When Hiring A Graphic Recorder

Without any educational certificates, formal trade associations or other credentials, the field of graphic recording can be like the wild west. Instead of sharp-shooters, however, the internet is full of inexperienced practitioners wielding markers. That skill and knowledge gap can leave you or your organization at a loss for how to get the most out your investment for the next crucial meeting or engagement.

What should you look out for? What are your measures for compatibility and competence? Read below for key questions to ask when considering hiring a graphic recorder.

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To ensure the best experience for your meeting, know what questions to ask your graphic recorder.

1. What Is Their Experience and Background?

Unlike many other professional services and consultants, there is no formal educational training or certifications for graphic recording. Be sure you are hiring an experienced practitioner with a reputable list of past clients.

2. What Types of Events Are They Capable of Supporting?

Graphic recording should always be tailored to the specific event and its unique objectives, which can vary considerably. Are you holding a brainstorm session where conversation is open, unstructured, and fast moving? A rehearsed keynote presentation that has been nailed down beat by beat? Make sure your graphic recorder has skillset to support your session type.

3. What Is Included In Their Fee?

Pricing structures vary. Be sure to inquire how they bill. Is it a day rate or hourly charge? Are materials and travel additional? What about the digital versions of the images?

4. Who Will Be Working Onsite?

The majority of graphic recording artists are solo practitioners, and oftentimes will subcontract to other individuals. Be sure you know who will actually be supporting your event, including their level of experience in graphic recording and your industry.

5. What Is Their Methodology? 

Will they complete the capture live- or should you expect that the final visuals will come together hours after the session wraps?

6. What Is The Real Scope of The Engagement?

An experienced graphic recorder or graphic facilitator will work with you during the planning phases of your agenda. They should offer expert guidance in how best to integrate their graphics into your meeting in a way that supports your meeting objectives, rather than acting as mere entertainment. Other questions to clarify scope include: Will they also provide logistic support in arranging material delivery and shipment of the finished work? How long after the event will you receive the digital deliverables

7. What Business Liability Insurance Do They Carry?

Most sessions are highly confidential, oftentimes pertaining to business strategies or trade secrets. For your protection, be sure whomever you are speaking to is bonded and insured, and is willing to sign a NDA.

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