We Love the WhiteLines Link App!

Last month, ImageThink was thrilled to attend 99U to sketchnote the incredible insights of 99U . We were additionally excited to experiment with sketchbooks and the fantastic app created by WhiteLines Link! What could be more awesome than an app that is built around translating hand-made drawings to digital files?


Olof Hansson, of WhiteLines, kindly sent us a few sketchbooks to experiment with at 99U. We used our WhiteLines Link notebooks (which feature a light grid pattern) to create our sketchnotes upon, then photograph with our smart phones, and finally use the accompanying app to effortlessly digitize and share our work. Amazingly easy!

We were then able to quickly get the images out on social media in no time at all.

(To view the full gallery of sketchnotes ImageThink created at 99U click here.)

At ImageThink headquarters, we’ve additionally found the WhiteLines Link app to be a perfect fit for quickly digitizing all hand-written notes and thoughts too. For simple illustration projects, the process cut down our post-production time significantly!

If you also find yourself prone to doodling your notes, we hope you will take a moment to download the app. It’s definitely one of our favorites we’ve come across this year!

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