Sketchnotes at TED

What could be more glorious than the marriage of information rich TED talks and sketchnotes? TED recently shared a collection of sketchnotes created by several visual practitioners across the county. TED also included a few visual note taking tips from each sketch noter on their practice:

“Instead of recording what’s being said verbatim, good sketchnotes capture the meaningful bits as text and drawings. Better sketchnotes use composition and hierarchy to give structure the content and bring clarity to the overall narrative of the lecture. The best sketchnotes express a unique personal style and add editorial comments on the content entertaining and informing all at once.” – Visual Facilitator, Craighton Berman

To view other examples of TED sketchnotes,  like Craighton Berman’s fantastic visual note taking work below, please follow the trail of visual goodness to here.

TED Sketchnotes by Craighton Berman

To view examples of ImageThink‘s wonderful sketchnotes from 2013 99U conference, please visit our gallery for more examples here! And for more tips on graphic recording and sketchnoting principles please visit our Resources page on our website for loads of good visual note taking and visual strategy tools and information.

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