Typography Tips: Making Text as Impactful as Images

By: Aaron Mayper, graphic recorder at ImageThink (@imagethink)

At ImageThink, we are constantly thinking about the best ways to communicate ideas visually. As graphic recorders, we think of ourselves as translators who take words and turn them into images. Using images to communicate speaks to the visual learner in all of us, clarifying complex concepts and turning abstract ideas into something concrete and intuitive.

But if images can work as language, then it’s important to remember that text can work as images, too. By thinking about writing as a form of drawing, it’s possible to write words in a way that speak to us on an intuitive and visual level.
For instance, think about the different ways that you react to how the word Heavy is written:




Or as another example, how do you react to the different ways Pain Points is written below?


In both cases, the first version communicates the content of the word only through language.  But the second conveys the meaning of the words through form and color, as well.

You don’t just read the words, you feel them, too! 

Of course, there isn’t always time while graphic recording to write in such elaborate ways.  But even a small change in a word’s scale, or simply arranging the letters in a particular way, can help reinforce what it is trying to tell us:



The shape of the letters in the above examples are the same, but simply changing their sizes and tilting them gives them a totally different feel.

Take a look around you–almost everywhere you look, from food packaging to book covers to billboards, you’ll find inspiration on innovative ways to make text as powerful as images.

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