52 Ways You Already Work Visually

Sometimes, it can be difficult for new clients to understand why graphic recording and visual facilitation is so effective. This article is part of an ongoing series, It’s a Visual World. In it, we explore everyday experiences that showcase the myriad ways visual inputs allow our brains to work more efficiently. Look for areas in your daily life for the visual iconography you rely on, then give us a call. Seeing is believing.

Pick a card, any card

Playing cards are an ancient and beloved past-time and have been for centuries. Speculation shows they first came about around the 9th Century AD during the Tang Dynasty alongside the advent of wood block printing. The modern 52-card deck of four suits with 13 cards apiece we know and use today emerged from France in 1470 and has become the standard of card games everywhere. And the best part about their iconic design? Everyone has the exact same image in their head when I say Four of Clubs.

That’s the power of a great visual.

What’s so ace about playing cards?

Card games are entertaining because they are quick to learn, fun to master, and they offer a great excuse to socialize. Why? Because we don’t have to think too hard about matching suits or face values. Playing cards are inherently visual.

The human brain is wired to see shapes and group like with like, especially with visual inputs in particular. The simplicity of the playing card design allows our minds to recognize patterns, and related opportunities, on an almost subconscious level. Beyond that, the design of playing cards maximizes functionality and usability – not only is the suit displayed on the numbered cards, but the icon is also repeated to match the card’s value. Talk about visual reinforcement.

A house of cards showcasing the visual iconography found in the iconic four suits in a deck of cards.

How does visual iconography make us work better?

Visual iconography is your trump card. Whether you’re working out a multi-year strategic plan, shifting corporate culture, or pitching to a client, strategic visuals give you an advantage over the competition. Your audience will get your message faster, your team will see patterns and new possibilities, and you’ll know the best hand to play in any situation.

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Play your cards right.

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