Tour the Music Building Through Visual Note Taking

Soooo…Social Media week was, well…more than a week ago… but I had an amazing experience while attending the discussion at the Music Building and I wanted to share my notes. The title for the “discussion” was The Music Building: Connecting NYC Rock history to the Future of Business. While the conversation did not focus on integrating NYC’s music history into business (other than the building management wanting to take advantage of the hype of Social Media Week and get more Facebook “likes”) but we he did offer us an amazing tour of NYC’s historic music building located within ear shot of Times Square.

On the tour we started with Madonna’s old studio on the 12th floor and wound our way down the graffitied stairwell to Moby’s studio on the 1st floor. On each floor we stopped to gain a bit of New York’s music history dating back to 1979.  Some of my personal favorites were hearing stories of how They Might Be Giant’s almost burned down the building, stops were at Patti Smith’s studio (1107), and how the Strokes were initially kicked out for being hooligans, only to later return and rent 5 rehersal spaces in the building. That is 1 studio per band memeber! Not bad….

When the tour ended, they wrapped the night up with a intimate performance in one of the spaces.

Tours are a rare event of the private building, but if you hear of an opportunity to check it out, I highly suggest that you take advantage of this rich historical tour.

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