ImageThink Pro Bono Graphic Recording with SKIP of New York


Each year, ImageThink employees are encouraged to seek out a pro bono job. This year, our graphic recorder, James Lake, chose SKIP of New York.

In a nutshell, SKIP (Sick Kids [Need] Involved People) helps New York’s sickest kids. SKIP acts as a free medical concierge connecting medically fragile children with the services and equipment they need to get well and live at home rather than in hospitals or institutions. SKIP, established in 1983, does not charge for its services, never turns a child away and it saves approximately $50 million in public expense annually. But most importantly, SKIP helps over 5,000 medically vulnerable kids a year.

James has a history of participating in events which benefit sick, disabled, and abused children, from his work for the MDA to his support of Love146. In addition to graphic recording SKIP’s rebranding and help developing a new message, he was also encouraged to participate in the conversation. Through James’ graphic recording, attendees were able to participate in the session without having to worry about taking notes. The finished boards offered easy reference to ideas and areas of exploration. This made for a very effective and enriching experience. The director of development, Caroline Camougis, had this to say, “We had a diverse group of people, backgrounds, professional experience – and ideas – there was no way we could have recorded this meeting as effectively as you did.”

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