Strategic Planning & Brainstorming Meetings

Everyone agreed that the visuals captured during our brainstorming sessions helped us all better understand what was discussed and better determine action steps needed to take ideas to the next level.  The general feeling was why haven’t we done this before? and look how our ideas come to life when they are captured graphically.  – Bruce Simenoux, Architect, Designer ARC Steelcase

No matter your industry, when you gather your best thinkers for visioning, strategy, and annual meetings, it’s time to get serious about capturing ideas in an engaging way.

Our graphic recordings make these sessions more energetic, creative, and efficient, ensuring that your meeting objectives are met.

The ROI of Graphic Recording in Meetings

Boost Engagement

Having a graphic facilitator on hand to capture each person’s input has an enormous impact: people feel heard, and it makes them want to share more and be a part of the process by building upon the ideas they see being captured. When a group has a dynamic, graphically-rich mural unfolding before them in real-time, everyone sits up and takes notice.

Unlock Creativity

This powerful creative catalyst can even inspire your team to think bigger and better. By accessing the cognitive power connected to our sense of vision, complex ideas can be taken apart and put back together in new, innovative ways. Patterns and themes surface effortlessly, and entrenched ways of thinking can be shifted by putting familiar information into a new, visual framework.

Increase Productivity

Brainstorming sessions and group discussions can yield tremendous results – but they can also easily devolve into time-wasting chaotic environments. Graphic facilitators use imagery to bring structure to the discussion.

Real-time visualization of your team’s great ideas allows them to be captured and built upon – streamlining the meeting process.Seeing each other’s thoughts and ideas in a visual format enables a group to reach consensus quickly.

Inspire Action and Accountability

You’ll be amazed at the speed with which your team can absorb and act upon information when it is presented visually. Recording action steps enables faster follow-up and implementation. It’s a creative way to encourage project buy-in and accountability among your team members.

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Our Experience

ImageThink has supported meetings in dozens of industries, including:

  • Technology
  • Retail merchandise
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech
  • Advertising
  • Branding and marketing
  • Publishing
  • and many more

Curious how graphic recording might help your best thinkers innovate and communicate better, faster? Get in touch.