4 Creativity Exercises for Teams & Being a More Creative Leader

These ImageThink creativity exercises will help you ideate, innovate, and inspire

Welcome to a new series from ImageThink: Let’s Get Visual. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be sharing the wisdom and creative visualization that have helped our corporate clients transform the way they think and work.

Each 2-3 minute video in this series provides a short, daily activity that can be performed solo or in a group. These creativity exercises can help you to clear your head, generate new ideas, or find a new perspective, and each of them can be repeated and modified to inspire yourself, or your team.

Creativity Exercise 1: The Paper Clip Test

No this isn’t an audition for MacGyver; it’s one of ImageThink’s most popular, tried and true creativity activities for expanding the mind, widening the frame, and shifting perspectives.

A variation on a common psychology test to determine whether you’re inclined to be a divergent thinker (great for generating lots of original ideas), ImageThink’s version of course adds drawing to the equation.

By intentionally making marks and using your hands and eyes, you’re activating more of your brain, helping to unlock your full potential. Enjoy!

Creativity Exercise 2: Draw it Again

Seeing double? Triple? Just as reframing the question can lend you a new perspective on a challenge, repetition can often be a key to unlocking creativity and specificity.

Think of it as a form of meditation. Repeating a process can offer deeper insights and act as an energizer.

Draw, reflect, repeat. Over time, this simple act can lead to new discoveries and seeing things in a new light.

Creativity Exercise 3: Draw Your Breath

Take a deep breath, and a pencil, add a little meditative illustration and allow your mind to open to new ideas.

ImageThink’s Director of Creative Development leads this simple, repeatable practice that helps us center ourselves, align our own thinking, and regain focus in the midst or at the end of a long day.

Think of it as a savasana for meetings or retreats.

Creativity Exercise 4: Sign Redesign

What makes you stop, the word “STOP” or the red octagon behind it?

Iconography and text go hand in hand with signage all over our daily lives. And while the written word is certainly helpful, our brains rely heavily on the immediately recognizable and universal symbolism that you encounter in signs.

In this creative visualization exercise, ImageThink tasks participants with redesigning something seen and adhered to all over the world.

More creativity exercises to come!

Be sure to come back next week to this same post for the reveal of our new creativity exercises for teams!

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