Graphic Recording: A Space Odyssey

From having films such as ‘Gravity,’ ”Guardian of the Galaxy’ and  ‘Interstellar’ in science fiction, to the recent comet-landing by NASA, space has been the heat of the conversation this year in 2014. At ImageThink, with NASA being one of our clients and many events in the technology industry that we participate in, we have the privilege to hear many industry professionals discussing the science of space, and translate them into dynamic, intriguing visual summaries that can be passed on. We traveled back in time in our huge archive (much like Matthew McConaughey did, in Interstellar), and hand picked a collection of Graphic Recording boards that will reveal a thing or two you missed about space, time, astronauts and Mars!



‘To Infinity and Beyond, Notes from a Life Spent Roving Mars and Exploring Space’ by Charles Elachi, Alexis Madrigal


‘Mapping New Frontiers in Space: From Exploration to Commercial Ventures’ by Fiona Harrison, Naveen Jain, Will Pomerantz, Steve Clemons


ElonMusk-1575x1236Elon Musk’s Keynote speech at SXSW 2013: A nation of explorers, looking for disruption and future of energy efficiency.


Nasa’s Mason Peck talks about the future of space at Maker Faire ’12.



A Conversation with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson at SXSW 2014, we love this talk about science literacy, education and the future generation!

Extra Credit: Can you guess each ImageThinker’s favorite science fiction movies? Stay tuned and we will reveal in a future post!



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