Bold Visions Need Bold Visuals

Now is the time for bold ideas, trying new things, doubling down on what works, and improving what doesn’t. It’s a chance to get out ahead of the competition, and considering we’re on the precipice of a whole new way of working, it’s the perfect time to incorporate strategic visuals into how you think long term about the years ahead for your business.

You’ve read a lot about how ImageThink can help structure, lead, and capture your strategy sessions. But did you know that our studio team can help you communicate and socialize your vision with beautiful, polished, hand-crafted illustrated content to communicate those ideas?

Below, we’ve included a few examples of hand-drawn strategic visuals ImageThink has created before. Take a look, get inspired, and give us a call if you’d like to talk out a few ideas.

This ImageThink strategic visual displays a corporate culture and training approach.

1. Illustrate Your Mission Statement

Begin at the beginning. What better way to reinvigorate, realign, and renew your team’s passion and commitment? Put your core values on display, front and center, in a beautiful, concise strategic visual. The mission may have changed, or may no longer embody the goals and values of a distributed workforce; make sure to get it right.

2. A Strategic Visual Organizational Chart

Corporate structures are changing rapidly as more of the workforce operates remotely, and businesses pivot to a hybrid world. Charting out specific roles, functions, and teams, and identifying reporting structures can clue people in to what is changing, and can shorten the transition time.

3. A (Literal) Road Map

Upcoming projects and five-year plans can be complex, daunting, and overwhelming. Breaking them down into clear manageable waypoints makes the route more manageable, and provides plenty of healthy stopping points to evaluate progress. Plus, the creation of the strategic visual itself, as an exercise, can help predict and smooth out anticipated speed bumps along the journey.

This ImageThink strategic visual shows a innovation model template we use for clients launching a new brand, vertical, or product.

4. A Visual Company History

Sometimes, to move forward, it’s helpful to first look back. We love hearing our clients’ stories, and learning the history of the people and companies we support. In our experience, employees, partners, and clients appreciate learning the human history of the organizations they work with, too.

5. Strategic Visual Customer Persona Profiles

Many marketing teams rely on personal profiles to help focus and direct their efforts. Seeing these individuals as a colorful, dimensional, illustrated, versions of their traits can be a great way to keep their traits and needs top of mind. ImageThink has over a decade of experience leading brainstorming sessions to help scan for insights into the identity of your customer types.

6. Client / Patient Journey Mapping

ImageThink patient advisory board (anonymyzed)

Critical to understanding the purchase experience or healthcare prognosis of clients, journey maps help your team empathize, understand, and meet the needs of the people you serve. As with a strategic visual, or a organizational history, drawing out the story in a visual format makes it memorable and adds a personal touch.

7. Visual Bios

Whether to honor senior leadership, thank a team for a successful project, or to add some visual flair to your company staff page, ImageThink visual biographies are a great way to recognize an individual and their best traits in a one-of-a-kind portrait. We’ve created fully illustrated bios, or bios that combine photographic and illustrated elements, like the example below, from our About Page.

ImageThink visual bios are strategic visuals that display the contents of a person's talk, or their specific skill set in a beautiful, colorful way.

8. A Visualized Product Launch Cycle

Product launches are behemoth efforts, often involving everyone on the team at some juncture or another. It’s easy to lose the big picture in all the details. By visualizing and drawing out all stages of the launch, your team is not only on the same page, but can also all easily answer who is responsible for what.

9. Current State / Future State Strategic Visual

Still too early to have your whole decade mapped out? One of ImageThink’s illustrated Current State / Future State boards can help bridge the gap. A powerful tool for shaping expectations and identifying risks along the way, these fun to create boards can help your team prepare for the road ahead.

This ImageThink strategic visual shows the four elements of a new sales strategy and process.

10. Presentation Decks for Your Next Board Meeting

Whatever path you’re on in the coming year, be sure to communicate it clearly, concisely, and we recommend colorfully. Help your presentation stand out from the pack, while creating powerful, strategic visual mnemonic devices for yourself and your audience.

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