ImageThink Graphic Recording UFC talk at SXSW


The image above captures the UFC: Women Breaking Ground Inside the Octagon SXSWi talk  graphic recorded by ImageThink‘s very own James Lake. James is a huge UFC fan, and among the speakers Ronda Rousey and Jessica Eye are his heroes.

It was a fascinating talk and there were a lot of great quotes that were captured on the board. The key message to take away was about the cultural change that has occurred since Ronda Rousey’s notoriety. Female beauty representations shifted from sickly/emaciated to strong, healthy, and confident, and it has had a positive effect on all genders in UFC’s audience and the general public.

The SXSW audience remarked that it was exciting seeing the conversation come to life in real-time through graphic recording, very much like watching the sport of MMA.  After the talk, James was delighted to meet Ronda Rousey and Jessica Eye. Jessica absolutely loved the board and was impressed how much information was captured in real-time. Ronda also loved the work and said to James, “Markers! That’s tough, you can’t make a mistake!” And James said, “Just like when you’re in the Octagon!” She let out a big laugh and said, “That’s right!!”

All of the images captured during SXSW is up on our slideshare gallery.

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