ImageThink at Atlas Roofing


By Aaron Mayper, graphic recorder at ImageThink.

A couple of weeks ago, Greta Hayes and I attended the International Roofing Expo in Orlando, Florida, to graphic record for Atlas Roofing and help “roofing come to life.”

And we had more fun than we could have possibly imagined! Not only did the folks from Atlas teach us the best way to insulate a house, they gave us some great stuff to draw.  

With a great twist on our social listening service, the Atlas team pulled attendees off the main floor to interview with some fantastic questions. Our favorite was “What could fall from the sky and NOT damage an Atlas Roof?”. But they had some other great questions up their sleeves, and attendees had some great answers, too:


What superpower would you use to fight algae on roofs (the arch villain of the roofing world, I’ve come to learn)?

Best Roofing Story

What’s your best roofing story?

One of the many things I love about working at ImageThink is that as a graphic recorder, I get to gain insight into entire worlds that I would have no reason to explore otherwise. And no matter what those worlds are–from tech, to finance, to roofing–when you meet the people who work in them, there is always a level of enthusiasm for the work that is truly contagious.

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