How Words Take Shape in the Brain

Podcasts and brain science are a match made in heaven! Which is why if you haven’t heard it already, ImageThink strongly recommends taking a listen to NPR’s fantastic podcast about the brain and language, How Words Take Shape in the Brain.

Just like in the process of Graphic Recording,  your brain is constantly thinking in pictures and literally translating “words” into images. In fact, your brain appears to be constantly taking words, which are really just arbitrary symbols, and translating them into actual images of based of your past experiences.


Research like this adds to the evidence that the human brain is not processing language in some special module, but rather distributing information through a series of filters and processing information via a database of pre-existing sensory images and visual thinking.

To practice your hand at graphic recording and transcribing words into visuals, view our Tips & Tricks Video by Heather Willems or visit our Resources page with more information about DIY Graphic Recording!


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