Guest Blogger Alan Quiros Favorite Comics

Besides being an amazing illustrator and artist, Alan Quiros is also a fellow resident of Prospect Heights Brooklyn. In today’s guest blogger spot on visual thinking Alan has highlighted two of his favorite graphic novels.

Alan Quiros Guest Blogger

PALESTINE by Joe Sacco is a journalist’s account of his travels through the Gaza Strip, told in comic-book form. It’s more than the sum of reporter’s prose and political cartooning, and I appreciate how it conveys the tone of places and events through imagery.

COMICS AND SEQUENTIAL ART by Will Eisner is a comic book that explains how comic books work. In the process, it also explores how we make visual symbols and stories out of the world around us, and was an inspiration in my using imagery in my journal writing!

You can check out more books and resources about visual thinking and graphic facilitation on the resources page of our website.

Alan Quiros is a concept artist working from Brooklyn, NY. He holds an MFA in Figurative Painting from the NY Academy of Art and a BA in Product Design from SF State University.

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