Folks We Admire: Tracy Chou


Tracy Chou, head software engineer at Pinterest, has an impressive resume.  She began her work in the tech field by interning at Facebook and Google, before taking a leading role at Quora, the site that promises its users “the best answer to any question.”

Her list of achievements, however, includes one more major bullet point: making public the massive imbalance of men to women in Silicon Valley.  The tech world is overwhelmingly male, with many companies having only around 10-20% of their workforce represented by women.

After the October 2013 Grace Hopper Celebration (named after the great female American computer scientist), where she found others sharing her concern, Chou started a simple Github database for employees at tech companies to share their workplace’s gender ratio statistics.  The result has been increased transparency of the low numbers of women computer scientists, and an opening of the conversation as to why that is, and how to change it.

Written by Aaron Mayper, graphic recorder at ImageThink

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