Retro Cartoon Stylings with Amid Amidi’s “Cartoon Modern”

Cartoon Modern by Amid Amidi

At ImageThink, we love the bold, iconic and retro imagery of “cartoon modern,” a cartooning style that became popular in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Influenced by concurrent trends in art and design such as abstract modernism and mid-century modern industrial design, cartoon modern captured the energy of the post-war boom era with it’s snazzy icons and playful shapes.

With just a few simple strokes, artists in this style could convey a wide range of gesture and emotion. Cartoon modern influenced a wide array of genres  – appearing everywhere from advertising campaigns to children’s storybooks. One beloved example of cartoon modern style are the characters of Roger Hargreaves Mr. Men series, which gave us Little Miss Sunshine.

ImageThink staffer Virginia Montgomery was so inspired by cartoon modern that she created an illustration in celebration of this style you see below.

To learn more about Cartoon Modern, check out the book above on Amazon: Cartoon Modern by Amid Amidi.   And be sure to check out our blog for more great examples of influential illustrative styles.

Cartoon Modern by Virginia Montgomery

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