Zen Doodling

February 13, 2014

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61osntaXSUL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ Do you find drawing relaxing? With more people than ever participating in mindful meditation, an artistic  practice is another simple and effective method to de-stress. Barron’s Zen Doodling, combines the calming benefits of meditation with the soothing effects of drawing for a unique new take on relaxation. At ImageThink, we highly encourage everyone to draw, doodle, and experiment! With just a pen and a scrap of paper, we’ve found that the simple repetitive nature of doodling patterns is a perfect way to de-stress, boost creative confidence, and practice new designs. And who knows, perhaps through the act of unstructured meditative doodling, you may actually have a surprise, creative breakthrough! Zen Doodling, $11.52 USD, Available on Amazon.com A1GIfAnGHHL For more book recommendations, check out our previous blogpost on Ekaki Uta, Japanese children’s drawing songs, and author Sachiko Umoto’s illustration book, Let’s Draw Happy People. To learn about ImageThink’s capabilities in Graphic Recording and illustration, visit our Services page for more information! And finally, tweet us your favorite doodles and drawings at @ImageThink