Training at ImageThink

July 31, 2014

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IT Training We are serious about training here at ImageThink! This is the cover to our internal training manual, it features an old time circus strongman. From wikipedia: “Training for competitions, strongmen would train the entire body for strength. Like any sport, it is necessary to train using the equipment one encounters in the sport. In the case of strongman, these include logs, tires, yokes, farmer’s walk implements, etc.; building strength in the gym alone is insufficient.” Graphic recording is also a feat of strength; mentally and physically! We begin with muscle control and memory, then gaining familiarity with the tools (markers, boards, rolls of paper, easels etc.), then brain training for conversation synthesis. We then move into the physical training aspects of working in tight spaces, standing for extended periods of time, and working fast to avoid fatigue and missing content. The strong ladies and gents at ImageThink always stay in the best possible working condition!