The Whimsical Genius of Jay Silver

July 25, 2013

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ImageThink: Virginia Montgomery, 2013
ImageThink: Virginia Montgomery, 2013
At the most recent Maker Faire Bay Area, ImageThink had the privilege of scribing for Jay Silver. Silver is a PhD student at MIT and the founder and director of JoyLabz. Silver is a proponent of playing with the world around you, a topic he’s spoken passionately about at TED as well as Maker Faire. Silver received lots of buzz for turning bananas into a computer keyboard, but the project of his that really caught our eye is Drawdio. Drawdio is an invention that lets you turn just about almost any object into a musical medium, including a pen or pencil — or even a water faucet. By attaching a small device, the lines that you subsequently draw will emit sound when you touch them. You kind of have to see it to believe it: You can read more about his projects at the intersection of art and technology on his MIT website.