Graphic Recordings about Graphic Recordings, how Meta!

December 1, 2011

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Anthony Weeks

People often ask us if we ever get nervous about draing in front of a room of hundreds, or thousands of people. With 10 years of graphic recording experience between us, or answer is  “no, with one exception.” That is at the annual IFVP conference, graphic recording in front of the industries top graphic recorders is a bit anxiety inducing. At this year’s conference, Aloha 2011, I was comforted to discover that the feeling is unanimous. When each scribe was asked about his or her experience at the front of the room, everyone admitted nerves at the prospect of drawing in front of our peers. ( I have featured my favorite, by Anthony Weeks, above) Now, all the visual summaries have been digitized. The variety of styles and years of experience makes each one a valuable reference.  Check out the full set on Flickr

IFVP attendees at Aloha 2011. Its not all about markers!