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imagethink engages and tells a story at your meeting


Experience more energy, efficiency and creative collaboration in brainstorming workshops, strategic planning sessions and company retreats. Make the most of your strategy session.

Imagethink captures big ideas at conferences.


Create a new channel of content for your conference. Beautiful visual summaries, interactive murals, and galleries reflect the knowledge, energy, and ideas of your big event. Your visual notes will endure long after the applause dies down for your closing keynote.

Time Lapse Video

These short videos are an easy way to maximize the impact of your visual storyboards. The time lapse footage creates another form of shareable media of session graphic recording.

Animated videos tell a visual story

Animated Video

Whiteboard animations are a popular way to share your message as an dynamic video. Transform your educational materials, company values, or brand message into a powerful visual story. This process includes an end-to-end project management team, dedicated script writers, voice-over artists, illustrators, and video and motion graphics editors.

Digital Graphic Recording

Want to work high-tech or remotely?
Benefit from the same value of live graphic recording captured digitally either on-site or virtually. Project the live drawing on a movie screen or patch it to HD monitors throughout your venue.

imagethink graphic recording display

Experiential Drawing

Elevate conversation and capture audience’s input. We create live murals from attendee’s comments. Activate the virtual space while ImageThink visualizes conversations under your #hashtag.


Spend the day with ImageThink co-founders in a custom tailored, hands-on workshop. Learn how to support and clarify complex ideas, spur creativity, solve problems and collaborate better by simply picking up a pen. Curious? Watch to find out more.

imagethink summarizes big ideas into one visual story

Session Summary

Share a synthesis of your meeting with teams back at the office. Make sure everyone is on the same page with a single visual metaphor that clearly communicates your session’s outcomes.

imagethink draws in participants at tradeshows


Build relationships on the tradeshow floor. Engage in face to face interactions with qualified leads while ImageThink draws in participants by drawing out their ideas. We create live murals picturing audience comments while you make the connections you need and gather additional research.

imagethink tells a visual story

Hand-drawn Infographics

Hand-drawn infographics are an effective way to captivate and educate audiences. Our Director of Creative Services will work with you to transform your vision and objectives murals into a unique visual story, so your ideas can be understood at a glance.

imagethink facilitates through visual story telling

Have Something Else In Mind?

We keep a pulse on the latest trends in design, marketing and technology providing you with unique visual solutions for your events. Our consulting services bring value to you conversation with years of talent and experience in visual storytelling.

Whether it is ideating around digital solutions, activating your original content, or designing inspiring deliverables, the Director of Creative Services will be there to ensure seamless integration of ImageThink’s work to your message.

Support for select services include:

  • dedicated account manager
  • Agenda and planning consultation
  • Highresolution digital editions of all graphic recordings